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Garage Door Repairs Service By TopLevel Garage Door Repair Plano TX

Top Level Garage Door Repair in Plano TX

There are two ways of looking at this. You leave off repairing your garage door until you have an emergency. The second way is to establish a regular garage door repair, replacement and maintenance routine with a good garage repair company. If you are faced with an emergency where the modern panel garage door has got stuck, or has fallen down, then call Garage Doors Plano. We offer 24/7 emergency service. We will get there the same day.  In most cases, the garage door will be fixed straight away.

But, in the long run, this is not a good way to go about things. A lot can be done to prevent an emergency repair. They might be expensive.  Plus, there is the chance that the garage door could fall on your vehicle, you or any member of your family. A stuck garage door might prevent you from going to work one morning. You need to recognize that a modern panel garage door is a lot more like your car and not the old pair of hinged doors of the past. You have the following systems that need to be checked and maintained.  These are the tension springs and cables, with the rollers and associated parts, hinges and tracking.  There is the opener system, along with all the different components and technologies needed to run it. The panel door itself, and weather seal, can get dented, or damaged.  It is also subjected to all the changes in the weather.

We Perform Emergency Garage Doors Repair

A garage door is exactly like a car. You need to get in the habit of making routine checks. Look at all your different garage door systems once a month. Try to see if you notice something different. There might be an imbalance starting to develop when the garage door moves, or the movement is not so smooth. This might indicate a developing problem.  Look out for any obvious damage, such as chipped, frayed or bent components.  Also use your ears, and listen for increasing grating noises, etc.  There could be damage to the rollers or to the opener drive system.  For any worries at all, call us in Plano TX.  We will send out a skilled technician who will look at any potential problems, and organize a garage door repair if necessary. This will prevent any emergency repair being needed in the near future.

You can also try a monthly force check, or if you are worried, ask one of our technicians to do this. Start with the garage door open. Use the opener remote to close the door. Try and hold it at the bottom. If the door does not reverse, but crashes to the ground, there may be a fault with the garage door sensors.  Obviously, keep your hands well out of the way. If there is a problem, call us again to fix it. A really important set of components that do need monitoring are the tension springs and cables which are used to counter balance a modern “opener” style garage door.

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Repairing springs, panels and cables

Every time the garage door moves up and down, garage door springs expand and contract.  This means a force is applied to the spring.  This will “work harden” the spring and progressively the spring will become more brittle, less springy and will eventually break. The movement of a garage door, up and down represents one cycle. Therefore, garage door springs will start snapping in 10,000 cycles. Because of this, it is possible to predict when you will need to replace all the garage door springs and cables, before an emergency occurs. This is something you can organize with us at Top Level Garage Door Repair in Plano TX–to set up a garage doors repair.

If you use the garage door a lot, say around eight times a day, garage door springs will start failing in just three years.  Even at six times a day, springs will start breaking in approximately five years.  For a large busy family or company, this could be overlooked. This makes it all the more important to set up regular maintenance routines with us in Plano TX. Springs and cables are not the only components that need to be checked and maintained. The garage door panels will need regular attention.  Dents and damage can result from reversing cars.  Having a young family might add the odd dent or two.  Panels can be replaced and repaired. Again, they do need to be inspected regularly. Wood can rot and steel rust; these will need repairing.

Repair and replacement of parts in Garage Doors

Any cracks or breaks in a garage door could lead to water and outside dirt and debris getting into the garage.  This could lead to the corrosion of components and mechanism.  Dirt or other substances could clog up roller tracking or opener motor systems. A dent in the garage door could lead to an imbalance which might start to put a strain on the garage door’s lifting systems. Weather seals, if they are made of rubber, will crack in time. Again, outside elements will come in, water, wind, and debris.  The external fabric of the garage door should not be ignored. It is best call us in Plano TX. 

Two other major systems also need to be looked after.  Rollers attached to hinges fit inside tracking. Together, this helps the garage door move smoothly up and down. The nylon, or steel roller wheels can wear, out or get damaged.  The hinges can work loose.  The tracking can be dented and damages and blocked with debris. There may be a need for garage doors repair. Tracking can be repaired or replaced. Both the hinges and rollers may also need periodic repairs and replacements. It could be just the need for cleaning, tightening and lubrication for some moving parts. Again, we can deal with this in Plano TX.