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Garage Door Roller Service By TopLevel Garage Door Repair Plano TX

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A modern “opener” style panel garage door should be treated in much the same way as the car that sits in the garage.  There are a number of mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems that all need to work together. Plus the outside fabric, and the garage door panels, also need to be looked after. One important component is the rollers. These are partly locked into the tracks using hinges. The rollers are often made in either steel or nylon. They can wear, get chipped and damaged. The hinges can work loose, so they will need to be tightened up from time to time. If the roller jumps out of the tracking, the hinge has to be detached first.

All of this requires a skilled and licensed technician. It will also need someone who is familiar with the different types and makes of hinges.  If you live in Plano TX and have immediate problems with your garage door rollers, then it would be a good idea to contact us at Garage Doors Plano TX. You can also contact us if you are interested in one of our skilled technicians checking your garage door to see if there are any potential problems. Like a car, a modern garage door needs  maintenance. Semi-annual checks of the roller systems would be a good idea, especially if you use your garage door a lot. You should also get into the habit of making regular monthly inspections of your garage door.

Garage Door Rollers Maintenance

During your monthly inspections, notice if there is there is any damage to the garage door rollers, plus if the hinges need tightening. If you become aware of increasing noise and rattling coming from the rollers or if the garage door movement seems to be impeded, this again could point to a more serious problem developing. It could be that your tracking has got clogged up with dirt.. Is your rubber weather sealing damaged?

You may feel that you can deal with the roller garage doors problem yourself. If any work was to be done on the rollers, then the garage door itself will have to be properly secured. Our technicians at TopLevel will properly secure and clamp the garage door during the repair and maintenance work. They will know how to tighten up any nuts or fittings.  What is also important is they will know what parts to use. These are obtained from an Original Equipment Manufacturer. (OEM).  These are the replacement parts as specified by the original manufacturer. In the case of rollers, they come together with the hinges.  There are a number of different garage door manufacturers.  It is important that you get the right parts for your particular garage door. We know the parts to get.  You may think you can find a cheaper supplier on line, but this will not be the case.  We can bulk buy any components and parts at a lot cheaper price and at the right quality.

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Roller garage doors should be inspected twice yearly. TopLevel Garage Door Repair can remind you when the  possible replacement of your garage door roller and hinges will be needed.

Another important component, the garage door springs, have a fixed “life”. With these, the need for an inspection and replacement will be determined by how often the garage door is opened and closed. This is because garage door springs work harden in time. The springs get harder, and more brittle.  This will take place at around 10,000 cycles.  A cycle is the opening and closing of a garage door; therefore,  we can set a date for an inspection and the replacement of the garage door springs and cables. This will be before the springs start to snap. So for a garage door that is used 8 times a day, it will be only 3 years before the springs start to break. For a garage door that is opened and closed 6 times a day, this will take 5 years.  However, for a garage door that is only used twice a day, it will take approximately 14 years before the garage door springs start breaking  If you are a commercial garage owner using a fleet of vehicles that are always coming and going, it would make a lot of sense to get in touch with our garage door repair company in Plano TX.  Replacing high tension garage door springs can be very dangerous. Leave this to the experts.

Roller Garage Doors and Openers

Another important system is the opener system. This includes a number of sub systems. They all have to be checked and maintained.   This includes the drive mechanisms, the drive motor, the limit switches, trolley, circuit boards, photo eye, and external remote controller plus the main power supply. A very simple adjustment is the photo eye not being lined up properly with the external remote control. Consequently, the garage door cannot open. This can be easily rectified by our technicians. Circuit boards may also need replacing and the whole security system could need updating, as new advances are made in modern garage door security. The external panel doors should not be overlooked either.  They will need to be replaced and repaired.  Thought needs to given to each material that is used.

The driver mechanisms have similar problems as the garage doors systems. The two main systems that are used are the chain drive, similar to a bicycle chain and a belt drive system.  These systems  need adjustments and oiling or lubrication.  The cogs and drive belts wear in time and possibly loosen up. There will be a time when all these systems will have to be replaced. Again, the experts at Plano TX will know the correct OEM to purchase. They will know how to fit all the parts. The limit switch determines the distance by which the trolley moves; and therefore, the distance the garage door moves up and down. They will need to  be replaced from time to time as well.