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Garage Door Spring Service By TopLevel Garage Door Repair Plano TX

TopLevel Garage Door Spring Repair

Do you have troubles with your garage doors and happen to live in Plano, Texas? If yes, then you should probably contact us and we will attend to your needs as soon as possible. Garage Doors Plano Texas specializes in this field. We offer comprehensively outstanding services that can provide every resident of Plano with the right and exceptional garage door spring repair, installation and other garage door services. You can check our other reviews with regard to our company to justify the services we offer. There are tons of optimistic reviews out there that can give you a glimpse of our work results. 

Our company is devoted in giving the right approach to offering the excellent services, which are also budget-friendly. In the near future, the company will organize a comprehensive plan that will help our employees give even better services. We are also looking at the possibility of expanding our business outside the area of Plano. The energy we get from being commended as one of the most brilliant garage door repair companies has encouraged us to perform our services above than the standards required. We will continue to perform excellent jobs and reach the goal of creating a big name in the minds of our clients. Our garage door expert technicians are accomplished, disciplined, and well-trained to deal with any problems or requests from our Plano clients. We are very much committed to offering an excellent job with a budget-friendly price. With a blend of overwhelming service, excellent work, and reasonable or budget-friendly prices, we have been capable of preserving our reputation since the day our company was founded.

Garage Door Springs – Why Does It Break?

The reason why garage door springs break is that the spring torsions are the ones that do the heavy lifting everytime the door opens. The breakage of springs has been a perplexing problem for a lot of garage door owners who do not have any know-how on torsion springs. Once you purchase or decide to install a garage door, it is imperative that you know how to fix it and to determine what causes the problem; hence, the following are just some of the many reasons why it breaks: Ill-advised cost saving and improper maintenance are other reasons that cause the breakage of torsion springs. This is why hiring an expert technician on garage door spring repair is advisable.

On the top of the list is wear and tear. This is the biggest reason for garage door spring breakage since torsion springs are rated to last for about 10,000 cycles only. It would seem like this is a lot, but you have to consider that in a single day you go through a minimum of 2 cycles. If you’re the kind of person who goes out on a lot of errands a day, then those cycles can be much higher. Another reason is rust,  particularly if there is a lot of rust accumulating in your torsion springs. In this case, the springs’ lifespan will decrease dramatically. When the rust increases, the friction weakens the coil; hence, it is highly recommended that you spray the torsion springs with silicon spray or WD-40 three or four times a year.

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Cost of Garage Door Spring Repair

As what was said earlier, after the 10,000 cycles, your garage door spring will retire. It will undergo wear and tear and accumulate rust among others. The average cost of repairing these springs range from $100 to $200. Replacement of springs would cost about $25-$35 plus labor which, if added, would cost up to $190; thus, consider the “symptoms” to determine whether replacement or repair is the right option. Apart from replacing or repairing your springs, it is imperative that you lubricate and get your springs tuned so as to avoid any decreasing lifespan or other problems. Be sure to hire an expert on this matter since a DIY method will increase the possibility of spring breakage.

Do you hear excessive or squeaking noise? If you do, you probably need a repair or replacement. But before seeking professional help, try lubricating the torsion spring first. If it does not work and you still hear those irritating noises, it is already time that you consult a professional. Another sign is when you experience some balance issue or misalignment in your doors. If you have a difficult time opening and closing your doors, consider having them re-aligned or refitted by garage door service providers. The lack of safety cables and broken springs are also indications that you need repair or replacement.  Safety cables provide an additional layer on the broken springs. You need to have them installed as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you have broken springs, then  you definitely need to consult a professional.

Garage Door Springs – When to Hire Technicians

When you need a major replacement or repair of garage doors, then you should consider our services to avoid any mishaps. Our expert technicians will do the following work during the repair or replacement process. The first thing they will do is to turn off the power of the garage door opener so that it will not move up and down when the repair process begins. It will also serve as a safety precaution to avoid any hands from getting caught in the torsion springs during the replacement. He will then measure the old door springs in order to make sure that the new springs are about the same size as the old ones. After measuring, he will unwind the old extension springs. At this stage, expect that the doors to slightly go down during the process. The next step is to install the new garage door springs and tighten them up with screws.

At TopLevel Garage Door Repair, hiring our professionals to handle the garage door spring replacement and repair will give a safer and easier option to all Plano garage owners. Since repairing and removing garage springs is a difficult and dangerous work, our professionals are happy to serve. They are experienced and have thorough knowledge on the equipments to use. Unless your door springs need only a few minor changes, be sure to call us so that we can assist you and make major changes along the process.